CSU Phil-LiDAR 1, DOST Caraga and Jabonga LGU discuss Smarter Jabonga project

Last October 16, 2015, the CSU Phil-LiDAR 1 Project was invited by the DOST Caraga Assistant Regional Director—Dr. Ricardo N. Varela—and the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Jabonga for a meeting on a possible partnership for the Smarter Jabonga Project.

Dr. Varela gave a brief background about the Smarter Jabonga Project and emphasized that the Municipality of Jabonga was the pilot area of the project. On the other hand, representatives from the Jabonga LGU, headed by Ms. Georgette Monoy of the Municipality Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Office, shared their problems on flooding and other disasters experienced by the Municipality for the past years. They also imparted the courses of actions they are making such as preparing a spot map of the houses and other establishments of the municipality, and the likes. However, in order to take the municipality to the next level in the aspect of disaster risk, reduction and management, DOST proposed that the CSU Phil-LiDAR 1 project would be part of the Smarter Jabonga. After which, presentation of the Flood Hazard Maps, Jabonga LiDAR Data and Flood EViDEns were made by Engr Arthur M. Amora, Engr. Linbert C. Cutamora and Mr. Edsel Matt O Morales, respectively.

The meeting paved way for the CSU Phil-LiDAR 1 Project, DOST Caraga and Jabonga LGU to come up with a team structure, agree on outputs as well as define the roles of each office on the implementation of the project.  Furthermore, the Smarter Jabonga Project will not only help the Municipality of Jabonga but, this will also help the CSU PhilLiDAR 1 Project in the aspect of acquisition of data per household for the Flood EViDens. A scheduled visit to the municipality to see initial outputs on the maps made by the MDRRMO will be done on October 29, 2015.

The LiDAR Team, DOST and Jabonga LGU are all looking forward to the implementation of the project after the signing of the Memorandum of Agreement.